Festivals and events

When the good weather arrives, the Pyrenean valleys become a hive of festivities and events. Don’t miss them!

Day of the Almadía (timber rafting)– beginning of May. Each year, the village of Burgui (Valley of Roncal) recreates the ancient practice of timber rafting, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest, in which traditional timber rafts descend the River Esca.

Irati Xtrem – mid-June. A must for bike lovers: a mass cycling tour of little-known parts of the Pyrenees and around the Forest of Irati.

Tribute of the Three Cows – 13th of July. Held every year by the Valleys of Baretous (France) and Roncal, and considered the oldest international treaty in Europe, this tribute is paid every year at the Stone of San Martín. The residents of Baretous hand three cows over to the people of Roncal as a sign of peace in return for the use of their pastures.

Santa Ana – 26th of July. Coinciding with a festivity marking a local rite of passage, the religious procession to the Chapel of Muskilda takes place on this day and the youths of the village pay homage to their elders.

 Orhipean – last Saturday in August. What was life like in Ochagavía-Otsagabia at the dawn of the last century? This festival recreates a day in the life of the village back then. The entire village serves as a stage and the locals dress up and perform traditional tasks and activities from the period.

Fiestas and dances – 8th of September. On the main day of the summer fiesta in Ochagavía-Otsagabia, the village ‘danzantes’ (dancers), led by the “Bobo”, a mysterious character dressed in a chequered costume and wearing a two-faced mask, perform colourful traditional dances which are considered some of the most emblematic in Navarrese folklore. In the morning, at the end of the religious procession, the area around the Chapel of Muskilda is alive with dance as part of a highly symbolic ceremony. In the afternoon, the troupe dances its entire repertoire in the Plaza de la Blankoa. The previous evening, on the 7th of September, they also dance in the square, but this time dressed in the typical costumes of the Valley of Salazar.

Day of San Juan, Olentzero and Andra Mari – 27th of September. On this day, the people of Ochagavía-Otsagabia honour their patron saint, St John the Evangelist, and also celebrate the arrival of Olentzero and Andra Mari, typical Christmas characters from Basque culture in a colourful parade through the streets of the village.