There is a large network of marked trails in and around Ochagavía-Otsagabia on which to discover the area’s secrets on a leisurely stroll.

There are short local footpaths, indicated with green and white markings, that take you on round trips, such as the Old path to Irati and Muskilda (6.2 km) or the Gully of Osate (4 km), both of which start in Ochagavía-Otsagabia itself. Other nearby villages and the Forest of Irati also have lots of different footpaths. Find out more at: www.irati.org.

También contamos con senderos de Gran Recorrido (GR), balizados con señales rojas y blancas, que se realizan por etapas. Nuestro pueblo está atravesado por la GR 11 – Senda pirenaica y por la Cañada de los salacencos.

There are also long-distance trails (GR), indicated with red and white signs, which you can do by stages. The GR 11 – Pyrenean path and the Drovers’ road of the “Salacencos” both cross Ochagavía-Otsagabia.

If going up mountains is what you are after, the first spurs of the Pyrenees start in the Valley of Salazar, with the emblematic summit of Mount Orhi, the first mountain in the western Pyrenees to pass 2,000 metres. Find out everything about mountaineering in the Navarrese Pyrenees here .

Here are a few suggestions for walks of different lengths and degrees of difficulty:

Less than 3 km

Trail of the Waterfall of El Cubo [easy]

Between 3 and 10 km

Trail of Basari and the Ravine of Burgui [easy]

Trail of El Robrar [average]

Trail of Zemeto [easy]

Trail of the Valley of Roncal Mountain Centre [average]

Trail of the Windmill [average]

Trail along the Heights of Abodi [easy]

Trail to Irati and Muskilda [average]

Trail of Errokaidorra [easy]

Between 10 and 20 km

Trail around the Irabia reservoir and to Paraísos [easy]

Trail of Gartxot [average]

Find out everything about Hiking in the Navarrese Pyrenees here.