Pyrenean villages and valleys

Hotel Rural Auñamendi is in the Pyrenean village of Ochagavía (Navarre). Ochagavía is in the Valley of Salazar and is considered one of the prettiest villages in the Pyrenees. Salazar and the neighbouring Valleys of Aezkoa and Roncal are made up of small villages that conserve the rural architecture typical of the Pyrenees to this day. It is well worth taking a stroll through these villages’ cobbled streets to admire their robust houses with steep roofs designed to protect them from the winter snow, passing façades with magnificent doorways bearing coats of arms, breathing in villages which conceal a host of traditions and legends that the locals guard with zeal.

From the summits of the Pyrenees to the meadows lining the river banks, we are before a remarkably varied, wonderfully well-kept landscape.