Hotel Rural Auñamendi in Ochagavía (Navarre) is very near to Navarre’s most spectacular ravines. The rivers that spring from the summits of the Pyrenees have carved paths through the mountains and rocks to form ravines with wonderful vertical rock faces of great beauty and environmental value. There are four important ravines near us:

  • The Ravine of Arbaiun. This is the largest and the most stunning. You can see it in all its glory from the Pass of Iso. There is also a path leading into the ravine from Usún.
  • The Ravine of Lumbier. You can take a pleasant walk along what used to be the route of the Irati train.
  • The Ravine of Benasa and Aspurz. These ravines are in the Navascués area and are smaller than the ones listed previously, but they are easy to reach and of great environmental importance.
  • Kakueta y Holtzarte. These ravines are in Soule (France) and can be reached via the Pass of Larrau. The path along the Ravine of Kakueta, for which tickets are required, is fully prepared to receive visitors and has very good safety measures. In Holtzarte, after walking up a track, there is a breathtaking 70-metre suspension footbridge with a 200-metre drop over the ravine.