Round trips by car

Taking Ochagavía-Otsagabia and Hotel Rural Auñamendi as your starting point, you can go by car on a range of round trips through Navarre taking in the views, landscape and countryside.

Around the Forest of Irati. This route goes around the Forest of Irati on both sides of the border. It follows narrow mountain roads and tackles major mountain passes. It is ideal for a leisurely drive with frequent stops to take in the incredible views and enjoy the cultural heritage found along the way.
Route: Ochagavía – Valley of Aezkoa – Orbaizeta Arms Factory – Azpegi megalithic site – Cave of Arpea – Esterenzubi – Pass of Irau – Houses of Irati – Larraine – Pass of Larrau – Ochagavía.
Distance: 128 kilometres

Zuberoa (Soule) and Belagua. Pyrenean summits, vertical rock faces and natural ravines, a karstic massif, glacial valleys… A true explosion of nature in its purest state on both sides of the Pyrenees.
Route: Ochagavía – Pass of Larrau – Bridge of Holzarte –Ravines of Kakueta – Stone of San Martín – Massif of Larra – Valley of Belagua – Isaba – Ochagavía.
Distance: 100 kilometres

The Pre-Pyrenees, district of Sangüesa and the Valley of Roncal. Breathtaking ravines that highlight the force of nature, a wealth of cultural heritage, some of the milestones that have marked the history of Navarre… An extremely varied, appealing route.

Route: Ochagavía – Valley of Salazar – Navascués – Ravine of Arbaiun– Ravine of Lumbier – Sangüesa – Castle of Javier – Monastery of Leire – Reservoir of Yesa – Valley of Roncal – Ochagavía.
Distance: 100 kilometres